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Marcus Lessard

Author of The Forever Young Prisoner


Hi. Welcome to my author website! Self publishing is a rewarding but painstaking endeavor. I've invested due diligence in penning my new novel, The Forever Young Prisoner. It's release date is March 31, 2013. Check in for regular updates!

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New Release

The Forever Young Prisoner (2023)

Henry Heck is the mysterious prisoner locked away in the depths of Providence State Penitentiary since the Great War. They say he hasn't aged a day. Tommy McConnell, inmate number 176543, sets out to investigate, getting himself entangled in numerous prison adventures along the way. In the process of his behind-the-walls investigation into the top-secret, malfeasant, mystical tale of the Forever Young Prisoner, Tommy finds the unexpected resolution to many of his own problems.

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Ingram Spark

"The Forever Young Prisoner" is a riveting, not-to-be-missed paranormal novel written by Marcus Lessard. ...nothing short of a five-star paranormal masterwork.

Praise & Reviews

The Forever Young Prisoner proves to be a most entertaining read. I would happily recommend it to mystery lovers in search of a fresh, fulfilling setting.

Independent Book Review

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A smart, rollicking tale that delivers on all fronts… 

Lessard blends otherworldly with human drama in his electric debut.

The Prairies Book Review

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News & Upcoming Events

March 29, 2023 - eBook release of "The Forever Young Prisoner" on Amazon and Kobo. Paperback on Amazon

March 31 or April 1, 2023 - paperback release of "The Forever Young Prisoner" on Amazon & Ingramsparks


About Marcus Lessard

Marcus is the author of The Forever Young Prisoner, a novel. He lives with his cat, Kit Kat, in Putnam, Connecticut.

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